Well I've committed myself to making my love of women, art, cars and music, into a viable career! But I can't make the transition go smoothly and quickly without YOUR help! This Tips Page is here to give you the opportunity to show your support, no matter if you join the site or not... :)

The first thing that your tips will go towards is 3 projects: 1. A documentary on the History Of (Nude) Twerking! 2. The Green Chair Project (Stay Tuned) 3. The Girls Around The World Series...

Next, your donations will give me the time to get out there...Meet PYTs...convince them to let me shoot them...Edit and then present the final photos and videos to you!

If you see a prospective girl for the site then along with the tip leave a comment...something like, "Hey Jeb! There's this awesome girl on Utube! Please ask her to be on the site!"

I mean some of you are giving away your hard earned money to total strangers! Why not give it to family (ME)! And genuinely feel that you are playing a part in the creation of this very special place!

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